You see the light turn green and enter the intersection. Out of the corner of your eye you see a driver from the right, clearly not going to stop. You both try to avoid the collision, but too late.

No one’s hurt, luckily, but during the information exchange you learn that you both have the same insurance provider. What happens next?

Ideally – and in most cases – nothing is different when drivers have the same insurance company. In most cases, your insurance company will assign separate adjusters in order to avoid a conflict of interest. By law, these adjusters are required to treat the claim the same as any other.

The reality is that a few differences do exist when you have the same provider, however. If you were not at fault, for example, you do not have to worry about your deductible in most cases. Instead, to simplify the process, the company usually applies the at-fault driver’s policy to pay for your deductible.

In cases where fault isn’t clear, however, the company will wait until their investigation is complete in order to apply this benefit. If you are found not at-fault, you will usually be reimbursed for your deductible.

It’s a common belief that insurance claims made between the same company will be processed faster, but this usually doesn’t actually hold true. Adjusters must still communicate with each other and investigate the situation as with any other claim.

Risks and Challenges

In most cases your insurance company will handle the claim with as much good faith as they would with an external company.

That said, unethical practices are not unheard of in these situations. The most common complaints are simply a lack of communication. While this is bad service, it does not necessarily mean bad faith practice. Be persistent and keep in touch throughout the investigation to make sure your provider is handling the claim in a timely manner.

Much less common are cases of claim denials. These usually involve loopholes such as policy coverage or lapses. At the same time, these are not necessarily more likely when the company is the same for both drivers.

Be wary if your company assigns only one adjuster to the claim. In these cases there’s a very real risk of conflict of interest.

In most cases, you do not need to worry about having the same insurance company as the other driver. As with any insurance claim, patience and persistence are the most important factors to receiving compensation.

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Are you having problems with getting insurance because you’re a “high-risk driver”?  high risk drivers can find it difficult to get insured. It can actually make it almost impossible to get it at a good rate. The reason is that insurance companies make their money from safe drivers. The longer someone pays insurance and doesn’t get in an accident, the more money they make. These are the drivers that insurance companies like to work with. If you are a high-risk driver, it means they might be spending more money on you. Though it is not always your fault for carrying this title, as we will explore below.

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Art itself is a powerful medium for many of us. Art is a way to put emotions, thoughts, ideas, stories, and legends into a physical format that other people can experience. Perhaps one of the most powerful forms of art lays in photography. Not only can photography capture moments, tell stories, and express emotions, it has several practical uses in everyday life. It can be the basis of advertising or even be a business itself. It also holds a lot of importance when it comes to insurance claims. It is a powerful tool that should not be forgotten or underestimated.

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Let’s channel our inner Bob Ross for a moment a paint a picture. You got rear-ended while stopped at an intersection. You exchanged information, contacted the insurance company, etc and so on. Now your car is in your driveway with a banged up back bumper and you have a couple hundred dollars worth of insurance money from your coverage to get it fixed. That money, however, could also be used to upgrade your television to a new 4K curved Samsung. After all, the bumper might be beaten up, but the car itself still runs just fine. Are you allowed to do this, or does the money have to go toward repairing your vehicle? What if the same thing happens to your home, can you spend the money then? Well, the answer to that question is a resounding maybe.

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Everyone enjoys their cars in their own way. Some of us simply enjoy having a car that gets us from Point A to Point B. Some of us enjoy having a car that can get us there in half the time and some enjoy having a vehicle that truly is unique from any other vehicle on the road. To be unique, however, you might have to put a little extra into it, or rather, onto it. Many custom vehicles will have something added to the vehicle that doesn’t come standard. These are known as aftermarket parts and can typically include mufflers, rims, stereo systems, and engine modifications, along with other forms of aftermarket modifications. The problem with aftermarket modifications is that while they might turn your $10,000 car into a $25,000 car, your Insurance will only pay to replace that $10,000 car.

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When it comes to home insurance, there are multiple forms of protection that you can get. To get the full advantage of these benefits, however, you need to do a little bit of work. One thing that you have to do is know how much your stuff is worth. Not just your home, but the things inside of it. If something is stolen or destroyed, the insurance company needs to know how much that something cost to reimburse it. Of course, you can’t make these prices up, you need to make sure that you have the actual price for an item’s value. This can go up or down depending on time and condition. Over time things tend to lose value until they get old enough to become antiques, which can actually make their value go up due to rarity. Though being an antique doesn’t always guarantee rarity.

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There is a pretty noticeable difference between an automobile like a sedan or truck and a motorcycle. Just looking at the two side by side can show you how different they are. The same goes for the insurance coverage for both types of vehicles. Surprisingly motorcycle insurance can tend to be a good bit cheaper than automobile insurance. While it can be more dangerous to drive a motorcycle, their smaller body can also mean less material damage. A Yamaha ramming into the side of a Honda Accord will do a lot less damage than a Toyota Tundra ramming into it. Being that a motorcycle is smaller, there is also a lot less to be fixed if it gets smashed up.

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Automobile Insurance is a great way to have peace of mind when on the roadways. You know that if you are involved in an accident, your insurance company is going to be there to cover you. At least, you expect them to be there to cover you, but what if they are nowhere to be found? There are times automobile insurance companies will refuse to pay out or will outright cancel your insurance coverage. In most instances, if you are a responsible driver you won’t have to worry about this happening. If you are less than responsible with your driving or your payments you could find yourself in a bit of a pickle with no insurance company to help you out of it. What are some ways that an insurance company will deny a claim or cancel your insurance?

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A house is so much more than wood and stone, it is a foundation for a future. It is the walls that protect a family. It is something that we can’t really put a price on, even though investors, real estate agents, and inspectors can. Which works out because when it comes time to file an insurance claim, ‘priceless’ isn’t an amount they cover. We don’t like to think that our home might be damaged by some uncontrollable calamity such as a hurricane or flood, but living in Florida it is always a possibility.

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If there is one dreaded site that everyone on the road doesn’t want to see, it’s the flashing lights suddenly lighting up the rear view mirror. It means that your day might have just taken a turn for the worst. Hopefully, you are either somewhere behind the vehicle actually getting pulled over or can smooth talk your way into a warning. If you’re told about being late on your first day doesn’t win over the officer, you are going to have to deal with a ticket. Now that is bad enough, but there might be some other consequences to go along with it. For instance, that ticket can have minor to severe effects on your auto insurance rates. How can they affect your auto insurance? Keep on reading to find out.

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