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Motorcycle Insurance Options

Motorcycles are fun. There’s nothing better than feeling the wind in your face while riding the open road. However, the fact of the matter is that motorcycles accidents happen. Many of them are due to negligence by drivers in automobiles, but accidents happen. Your bike needs to be insured and you may want to consider some additional motorcycle insurance options that are available to you. At O’Quinn Insurance Services, we offer many add-ons that can give you piece of mind and extra coverage, should something happen.


Optional or Added Equipment Coverage

As motorcycle owners, we like to tinker with our bikes. Adding upgraded pipes, after-market chrome or a custom seat are common options. However, usually your motorcycle insurance only covers the options that came with your bike. This means that all of the valuable additions you’ve made to your bike wouldn’t be insured, should an accident happen. With optional or added equipment coverage, the pieces you’ve added to your bike will be covered, just like the rest of your bike.

First-Accident Waiver

First-Accident Waiver coverage will forgive your first accident, as long as the policy has been in effect for two years. This adds an additional piece of mind for a safe motorcycle rider. This doesn’t mean you should take more risks because the consequences can be much worse than just a dinged up bike. This is our way of showing our trust in you as a safe rider.

Towing & Labor Costs

In the event of an accident, this additional coverage would cover towing and labor costs in the aftermath. As you may know, motorcycles are more specialized than cars, so repairs can take longer and cost more on a motorcycle. Labor costs can really add up, so this coverage will keep money in your wallet.

You love your motorcycle, so make sure it’s protected with extra motorcycle insurance options. Thanks for reading and safe riding!

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