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Common Car Insurance Mistakes

When looking for car insurance, you want to find the type and amount of car insurance that is right for you, your car, and your budget. But you want to be informed as much as possible. Unfortunately, it has become quite simple to just click a button and have insurance within a few minutes. While this may seem convenient at the time, getting the right insurance require more time and effort. You want to make sure that you have the right amount insurance for you and your family, without emptying your wallet. The easiest way to find what is right for you is to know about common car insurance mistakes people make and avoid them like the plague.


  • One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is not understanding the coverage you need or already have. This usually happens when you don’t do your research or do not ask your insurance agent enough questions. Understanding before you finish the process is key to know what you are getting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help make this process easier for you.
  • Just because you have insurance, doesn’t mean that you have enough insurance for all situations. An important question to ask is whether there are any gaps in the coverage you have or will be purchasing. You don’t want to find out you need a particular type of insurance when it’s too late. If you have just the minimum amount required, know that in situations where you rear end a high-end vehicle, the minimum will not come close to the amount needed to cover the damages.
  • Don’t focus only on price. If you focus only on the price, you may lose sight of the bigger picture of having not only the coverage you need, but issues when you need assistance with a claim or question. You need to keep price in mind because you can’t bite off more than you can chew, but you have to be able to afford what you need.
  • There are several common mistakes when it comes to saving money that many people don’t realize. Having a deductible that is too low will result in higher premiums being paid. To save money, try to set a higher deductible and take the savings from the premium paid and save it for a time when you need to file a claim. Also paying your premiums bi-annually, or annually if you can, gives the insurance company room to give you a discount. Speaking of discounts, ask about them and see if you qualify for any. Being a student or having more than one policy can pay off!

This list can go on and on, so for other auto insurance mistakes, visit the DMV website for more information.

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