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Protecting your Home from Hurricane Damage

When it comes to shopping for homeowners insurance, most people ensure that their policies cover wind and storm damage. However, many overlook a crucial aspect of protection: flood insurance. It's essential to understand that flood damage, rather than wind, often…

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Getting Flood Insurance

A house is so much more than wood and stone, it is a foundation for a future. It is the walls that protect a family. It is something that we can’t really put a price on, even though investors, real…

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Aftermath Of The Storm

After the recent Hurricane Harvey in Texas, we are reminded that a hurricane is a very real threat that we must be prepared for. It is never fully known what to expect when a hurricane strikes. It could cause little…

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Staying Above Water With Flood Insurance

You have to be ready for anything. Sometimes this means taking steps to stop something from happening, and sometimes it means being prepared for the aftermath. Insurance is a great way to be prepared for the unexpected, although we don’t…

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Flood Insurance In Florida

Living in Florida, the water is one of our greatest treasures. Beaches, lakes, rivers; surfing, boating or fishing. Our lives are intertwined with water and water activities. As much as we love water, it can easily turn from a source…

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