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Speeding Tickets And Insurance Rates

If there is one dreaded site that everyone on the road doesn’t want to see, it’s the flashing lights suddenly lighting up the rear view mirror. It means that your day might have just taken a turn for the worst. Hopefully, you are either somewhere behind the vehicle actually getting pulled over or can smooth talk your way into a warning. If you’re told about being late on your first day doesn’t win over the officer, you are going to have to deal with a ticket. Now that is bad enough, but there might be some other consequences to go along with it. For instance, that ticket can have minor to severe effects on your auto insurance rates. How can they affect your auto insurance? Keep on reading to find out.


When you get insured, the auto insurance company wants to make sure they are making a safe investment. They are going to look at your driving record and if you have traffic tickets, they are going to have some weight on the conditions and prices of your auto insurance. The amount of weight they have to depend on what they are and how often they occur.

Minor: Did you get pulled over for having a turn signal out or your rear view mirror was off? That’s nothing major and will have a minor effect on your auto insurance rates since they don’t really have anything to do with your capabilities as a driver.

Medium: Speeding tickets are the most common kind of traffic ticket that is given and tends to be the most common to increase our rates. Speeding is a good way to cause an accident, and speeding violations mean you are more likely to get in an accident. Therefore, you are a bigger risk to insure.

Significant: Having a D.U.I. can have a large impact on your insurance rates. Driving while intoxicated makes you a danger to the road and highly likely to cause an accident or collision. A D.U.I. can send your rates high up and several will only make it worst.

Exceptions: One thing that can reduce the damages to your insurance rate is the rate that traffic violations occur. If you have been insured with a company for a few years and get a single speeding violation, given that it’s not too severe, it might fall under a minor increase. Mistakes happen and an insurance company can understand you are only human.

How long these rates stay up also depends on the company. Some might increase it for 1 year, 3 years, maybe even 5 years. When you get a traffic violation, contact your insurance provider. If you want to get a better policy for possibly less, contact O’Quinn Insurance Agency. We can match you with a quote for your auto insurance, boat insurance, life insurance, even homeowners insurance.

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