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Car Insurance Discounts You Might Not Know About

When shopping for car insurance, there are some discounts that most have heard of at some time or another. These usually include multi-policy discounts, safe-driving school discounts, good student discounts and the safe driver discount. But what else can you take advantage of when shopping for an auto insurance policy? We’ll help break down some of the lesser known discounts available in today’s market.


Going Green

With today’s society moving more towards a green environment, car insurance companies are following suit, and as a result passing savings through to you. Signing up for electronic or paperless billing is a popular opportunity that may net you some discounts on your auto insurance policy.


Customer Loyalty

While it might be a good idea to check your auto insurance rates with other companies every now and then, it may be a better idea to see if your current insurance company offers customer loyalty or renewal discounts. There are some car insurance companies that will offer a discount for every year you stay with them as a customer.


Club Perks

Are you part of a club, group, or organization? Sometimes these organizations will qualify you for additional incentives or discounts on your car insurance policy. It’s worth the few minutes to make a call and find out.

In addition, many larger employers offer incentives or discounts if you choose a specific auto insurance company over another. Check with your HR department for more information on the existence of these programs in your workplace.

Insurance agents typically have a list of organizations that offer discounts, so contact your local agent for a list of organizational car insurance incentives.


Tracking Driving Habits

One big trend over the past few years has been agreeing to allow your insurance company to monitor your safe driving habits. All of the major insurance companies now offer a similar program in the form of a small data recorder installed in the customer’s vehicle. The device monitors vehicle data such as average speed, braking pressure, rate of acceleration, and more, to help visualize how safe (or unsafe) an individual is driving. So if you’re a safe driver, it might be wise to consider adding one of these discounts to your auto insurance policy.


Location is Everything

When considering a new place to live, it’s safe to assume most individuals don’t take into consideration their car insurance rates. Well, next time you have a move planned, consider how much a move to the right location could shave off your rate. Environments and neighborhoods with low risk of crime and auto theft can net big savings on your auto insurance policy. This discount is typically automatic, based on the policyholder’s address.


Pay Upfront for Your Car Insurance

It’s possible that you could save some money in the long run by paying your insurance policy in-full, upfront. Check with your insurance agent to be sure.


Next time you have a chat with your insurance agent, be sure to ask them about all possible discounts available for your car insurance policy. It’s best to find an agent who can represent multiple car insurance companies so they can shop around for you and get you a quote with the best prices and incentives available.

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