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Motorcycle Insurance Vs Auto Insurance

There is a pretty noticeable difference between an automobile like a sedan or truck and a motorcycle. Just looking at the two side by side can show you how different they are. The same goes for the insurance coverage for both types of vehicles. Surprisingly motorcycle insurance can tend to be a good bit cheaper than automobile insurance. While it can be more dangerous to drive a motorcycle, their smaller body can also mean less material damage. A Yamaha ramming into the side of a Honda Accord will do a lot less damage than a Toyota Tundra ramming into it. Being that a motorcycle is smaller, there is also a lot less to be fixed if it gets smashed up.


When it comes to the medical aspect of motorcycle insurance, you are looking at a bump in price. Moreso if you get it for yourself and a passenger. Motorcycles are a lot less safe than a four-wheeled vehicle. While the vehicles might not be that damaged and the motorcycle damage easy to cover, the physical damage from you flying through the air and suddenly meeting the ground is likely to be severe. So naturally being injured so easily is going to cause them to make it cost a little more.

Overall, however, the extra cost for the medical portion of the insurance is well worth it compared to the bills you might get without it. Motorcycles are a lot of fun, there is no denying that. They give us an unbridled sense of freedom and excitement as we roam the open highways of America. At the same time, they are undeniably dangerous as well. The potential for injury multiplies exponentially when we are on a motorcycle.

If you are looking for a motorcycle insurance that is more in your price range, or you are getting your first motorcycle, contact O’Quinn Insurance today. We can help connect you with the best Ormond Beach motorcycle insurance plan to fit your needs and budget. Call us today at (386) 673-5550.

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