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Questions About Motorcycle Insurance

Right after purchasing a motorcycle, your thoughts are nowhere near wondering what type of insurance you want for your bike. Heck, you want whatever is required at that moment to drive it off into the sunset. But before you give it the gas it needs to take off, hold onto the brakes until you know what type of insurance you have. It would be best to talk with your insurance agency prior to purchasing the motorcycle to find out the best option for you. Here are several questions to ask about motorcycle insurance that will help get the coverage you want and need.


  • What kind of insurance do I need? You first need to determine what kind of insurance is required for the state. As with auto insurance, each state requires you to have a minimum amount of coverage for your motorcycle. Depending on your situation, you can also add collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured coverage. When you are financing your bike, these types of coverages will help in case of an accident or from fire, thefts, or vandalism.
  • Are additions and safety apparel covered? For most owners, making changes to their bike defines it and makes it their own. But when you make these changes, are you covered? This depends on the policy. Some policies will only cover the amount of the bike in its original state. Others may extend their policy to cover these upgrades, but when in doubt ask. If the current policy doesn’t cover customizations and you’re planning to make the bike your own, there are different options for additional coverage. The same applies to safety apparel. It is best to ask and not assume.
  • What about replacement costs? Some policies will pay replacement costs if something happened to your bike. Usually there are specific conditions that you have to adhere to when getting a replacement bike.
  • Do I need roadside assistance, and if so, is it available? Roadside assistance will typically cover towing your bike to the nearest qualifies repair shop. This is never bad to have, as it can be a pain to push a bike for any stretch of road.
  • Let’s talk about discounts. Never assume that your coverage comes with any discounts. Ask the experts. Different steps can be taken to get certain discounts, and in this day and age, anything you can save should be saved.


Bike Week Fun

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