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The Truth About Auto Insurance

Here in Florida, it is a law that you need to have a minimum amount of insurance when you operate a motor vehicle. The minimum is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability. Personal injury protection is the medical part of the insurance, covering any injuries sustained in an auto accident. The property damage liability is for damage to the vehicle itself. A Daytona Beach Auto Insurance provider might make it seem like $10,000 worth of anything would be more than enough. In some situations, it is more than you would ever need. In some situations, however, $10,000 is just a start. Here in America, medical costs can be through the roof for surgeries and operations. If someone’s bone is broken in an accident and surgery is required to fix it, the cost will go well over $10,000 and maybe near the $20,000 mark. This doesn’t count the other costs such as the trip to the emergency room or if needed, the ambulance ride to the hospital.


Paying for an ambulance can be a couple of hundred to over $1000 depending. If the person requires critical care, life support, etc the price is going to fly upwards. The emergency room can add another $1,000 on top of that. This is just getting the person to the hospital, that’s not even surgery or any form of operation. A large chunk of that $10,000 is now gone and if the medical expenses cost more than $10,000 it is going to come out of your pocket. You might save money by not having more coverage, but you will lose even more if you find yourself needing more than the minimum $10,000.

Here in Volusia County, we live an interstate driven lifestyle. Rather it is I-95 or I-4, it is cars and trucks speeding around in a 70 mph zone, and that is just the speed limit. The actual speed most vehicles travel tends to be a little bit higher. Regardless of the actual speed, it is enough to turn a small mistake into a serious accident. Depending on the time of day and the traffic it could even lead to a multi-car pile up. Not only will you have the injuries and damages you caused to deal with, there will be a whole long line of traffic giving you an evil glare. You can almost be certain that the costs will go over that $10,000 mark.

Some insurance service providers are happy to offer this option as a viable option because it means if there is an accident, it is less they have to pay out. Their concern isn’t about what you will be left to pay out of pocket, so make sure to get all the facts when you are applying for auto insurance, and that you’re Daytona Beach auto insurance provider cares about you and not just your wallet. Make sure that your insurance plan is actually going to protect you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and let your insurance provider know the budget you are working with so the plan can be tailored to you. Daytona Beach Auto Insurance Provider O’Quinn Insurance has years of experience making sure their clients get the right kind of coverage that will fit their budget. Because we care here at O’Quinn, we don’t just protect clients and customers, we protect families and loved ones, so give us a call today.

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