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What To Do After Hurricane Dorian

So you made it through the hurricane unscathed…

Now is the time to review your policy!

While our area is very fortunate to have been outside of Dorian’s path, preparations for the hurricane may be a wake up call for some.

Whether having your declaration page handy for a claim, calculating your hurricane deductible before the storm, or calling our office for scenarios of how your policy would apply, it’s important to take hurricane preparations very seriously. Now that Dorian has passed though, are you confident with your coverage? Now is the time to review your policy!

We see many clients call the week of a storm to revise their policy or even add coverage such as Flood Insurance. It’s not uncommon to make last minute changes… did the thought cross your mind this week?


You have options…

Again, now is the time to review your policy. Want a lower deductible? What about flood insurance we just mentioned? Would you like a policy review? Do you know if your fence is covered? What about your wife’s She Shed?

Since we cannot guarantee that the next hurricane won’t cause damage or make your experience any easier, let’s focus on peace of mind that you’re covered in case your property sustains major damage.


Take action before it’s too late!

Hurricane season is not over! Contact our office before binding restrictions take effect due to a storm and prevent you from getting proper coverage.

Call our office today! Don’t wait until the last minute before the next hurricane. Florida has been hit too many times not to have the insurance you need. Let’s make sure your ready.


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