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Antique Auto Insurance

One great thrill that only a few of us get to experience is driving a classic or antique vehicle. We don’t mean just an old run down sedan, rather a real classic. Maybe it’s a 69 Mustang or a 57 Mercedes. Regardless of what it is, it is a work of art and a piece of history that you need to protect. Even if it rarely ever leaves the garage, you want to know that if anything ever happens to that car that it can be fixed and replaced. Especially given how much it is worth. This isn’t just some old baseball card, it’s a fully functional beast of a machine that’s been running strong for 60 years straight. Might even be a 60-year-old beast of a machine that you brought back to life. Either way, you want to protect it and need the right insurance.


What is the right insurance for an antique car? Do you use normal insurance or is there a special kind you need to get? The answer is it can be either one. If the antique vehicle is driven as your main vehicle, it would fall under normal auto insurance. If the vehicle is mainly a display piece or a secondary vehicle, there is insurance that covers that specifically. Some people have an antique automobile that they only take to car shows and leave in the garage the rest of the time. There are auto insurance plans that cost less than normal auto insurance and still cover the car. They can cost less because the chances of an accident reduce significantly when you rarely drive a vehicle.

There are some requirements that an insurance company will have before they give you insurance on a classic or antique automotive. The main ones being that they must fit the definition of classic or antique. An antique vehicle is simply one that is at least 25 years old or older. A classic is a bit more fancy, being at least 10 years old and of some historical or artistic value that distinguishes it from other common vehicles. Another requirement is that the vehicle has either been kept in good working condition or has been restored to good working condition. Finally, the most common requirement is as we said earlier, it can’t be the main vehicle. Its use must be limited to events such as car shows, parades, festivals, etc. If you use it as your main vehicle, it falls under the basic auto insurance coverage.

Protecting antique and classic vehicles is important to us. Really it is important to the world because they are a living piece of a history that we can see and (if allowed) touch. So make sure that this living history has the right protection at a price that you can afford. Speak with O’Quinn Insurance Services at (386) 516-5721 and see what we can do for you.

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