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Boat Insurance Options

One thing is true of all boat owners, their boat is their pride and joy. A person can have more than one pride and joy, their children, spouse, home or car could all fall under this category. You wouldn’t risk letting any of these things go uninsured, so your boat should be no different. It’s important to review the different boat insurance options that are available to you. Boat insurance is different the automobile insurance, so it’s important to know all of the ins and outs.


Insure Your Vessel

At O’Quinn Insurance Services, we offer a Premier boat insurance option. With this option your boat, as well as the equipment and accessories are covered at up to 100 miles off of the coast of the US or Canada. Also, your personal effects are covered under the policy. Should you need wreck removal service, this will also fall under your coverage. You will also have up to $1,000 in Emergency Service coverage, should your boat need to be towed as well as coverage for any labor costs.

Another great benefit of this policy is Uninsured Watercraft coverage. Should you or those on board your boat be injured by an uninsured boater, you will be protected under your policy. Having this piece of mind cannot be overstated. Knowing that your passengers will be covered while on board will set your mind at ease.

A great addition to your boat insurance coverage is the Repair Cost option. If your boat is damaged and can be repaired, this option will cover the boat and all of its parts. This includes the motor and trailer, among other things. The best part of this option is that there are no deductions for depreciation.

Having coverage for your boat will make sure that your investment is protected as well as those who join you on the water. These boat insurance options will set you up for success.

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