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Boat Insurance

In some ways owning a boat is the ultimate freedom. You can leave your burdens upon the shore and set off to the open waters. Rather they are the open sea, a large lake, or just a shallow canal, you are free of the land and making your own path. At least until you accidentally scrape up against something and damage your boat. Now you are stuck on shore while you’re boat has to get prepared. Not to worry though, you have boat insurance! Boat insurance works pretty much the way auto insurance does. If you get in an accident with your boat, your boat insurance covers the damage up to a certain point. That point depends on what policy you own. Regardless, boat insurance is an important part of any boat owners life.


The good news is that almost any form of a boat can be covered by insurance. The very exceptions are smaller craft such as a kayak or a paddle board. These items can be insured under a different form of insurance, just not boat insurance. Another common question is if boats are covered by homeowner’s insurance. While it is technically possible, it has a few problems as well with it. For one, it’s possible that homeowners insurance won’t cover your boat at all. If it does cover it, it will be far less than actual boat insurance will cover. The final problem is that homeowners insurance will only cover your boat if it is damaged while on your property. If you get damaged out on the water, your hopes of homeowners insurance covering it will sink fast.

A question that you might be asking is if your boat insurance covers accidents on the road. Many of us don’t have a way to keep our boat beside the water and have to transport it via trailer. While we are transporting it, there are plenty of chances to get in an accident. It is important to know that the trailer might fall under a different form of insurance and only the boat will be covered by the boat insurance.

Are you setting sail knowing you are protected? If not, it’s time to contact O’Quinn Insurance Agency at (386) 516-5721 and get a quote for boat insurance that covers everything you need in a plan that fits your budget.

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