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Aftermath Of The Storm

After the recent Hurricane Harvey in Texas, we are reminded that a hurricane is a very real threat that we must be prepared for. It is never fully known what to expect when a hurricane strikes. It could cause little to no damage to your home or it could leave it in shambles. Regardless of the results, you need to be prepared for it. There are ways to try and reduce the possible damage such as boarding up windows or installing hurricane shutters on your home. While they are great for reducing the damage done to your home, they won’t guarantee that it will stop your home from being damaged. Some categories of Hurricane, such as Category 4 and above, will almost always cause considerable damage to structures.


What matters is what you are able to do afterward. One of mankind’s greatest traits is our ability to rebuild after a disaster. The process of rebuilding is aided by having the right form of insurance. Homeowners insurance and flood insurance are both important parts of rebuilding a home after a hurricane. One might believe that homeowners insurance is enough to rebuild, but it’s not just wind damage that can destroy a home, flood damage is just as dangerous if not more so. Even if flood water doesn’t damage the structure, you can still damage the property inside.

The problem that many people run into is they might not understand the full extent of what their insurance covers. It might not cover everything they need in case of a hurricane. When the hurricane is over, they are left holding the bill and learning their insurance isn’t going to cover the damage. It happens far too often that a home is damaged by flooding and the ones who own the home are left without the money to replace what was damaged. It is reported that many who are in Texas are facing this problem now, not having flood insurance to cover repairs to their home once the waters recede.

When the unthinkable happens, don’t be left wondering what you are going to do. Take action now and don’t let the next hurricane leave you without a home or funds. O’Quinn Insurance Agency can set you up with a quote for Daytona Beach flood insurance and homeowners insurance. Just click here and ask for a quote.

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