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Staying Above Water With Flood Insurance

You have to be ready for anything. Sometimes this means taking steps to stop something from happening, and sometimes it means being prepared for the aftermath. Insurance is a great way to be prepared for the unexpected, although we don’t always know what insurance has us prepared for. For instance, did you know that flood damage is typically not covered in most of your homeowner’s insurance plans? While it might cover some form of rain damage, it won’t cover damage created by rising waters. Being in Florida and so close to the ocean, along with plenty of inner waterways, being prepared for flood damage is crucial.


In some areas, you need to have flood insurance as a part of your coverage. In areas that are considered high hazard areas, you need homeowners insurance and flood insurance. In places outside of high hazard areas, flood insurance is optional. That doesn’t mean you won’t need it, of course, just that it’s not mandatory. In any part of Florida, especially many areas of Volusia County, the risk of flooding is always present, especially during a hurricane. With the active hurricane seasons, severe weather is more likely to occur, much like the recent Hurricane Harvey that ravaged Texas.

When it comes to insurance, there are two types of policies.

-Policies that cover Home Damage

-Policies that cover Personal Property

You can purchase one or both kinds of coverage. The more coverage the better protected you are. Flood Insurance also tends to not be as expensive as normal homeowners insurance, making it easier to add onto your current insurance coverage. To see if your plan currently covers flood damage, contact your insurance agent. To learn more about flood insurance or to get a new quote, contact O’Quinn Insurance Agency at (386) 516-5721 or click here to fill out a quote request.

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