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Flood Insurance In Florida

Living in Florida, the water is one of our greatest treasures. Beaches, lakes, rivers; surfing, boating or fishing. Our lives are intertwined with water and water activities. As much as we love water, it can easily turn from a source of joy to a source of destruction. Whether it be a hurricane, rising rivers or excessive rain, a flood can cause severe damage to your home and belongings. We can’t overstate the importance of having flood insurance in Florida.


Flood Insurance Can Be A Financial Lifesaver

Many people aren’t aware that damage from a flood isn’t covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy. In 2015, almost $1.3 billion worth of flood damage occurred in the United States. Unfortunately, homeowners would have been on the hook the cost of much of this damage do to being uninsured.

Recently, Baton Rouge, Louisiana has experienced one of the most devastating floods in history. Over 110,000 homes have been affected by the flood with damage costs estimated at over $20 billion. Much of this damage occurred in an area which they termed the “500-year floodplain”. This means that the odds of a devastating flood occurring in this area was 1-in-500. However, the flooding has been even worse than that. Experts are now saying that the Louisiana flooding is a 1-in-1000 year type of event.

The point in detailing this story is that you can never be too prepared. Flood damage is increasing every year at an alarming rate. Areas that have never flooded are flooding. You can never be too prepared. Compared to the cost of the damage that can occur to your home, flood insurance is relatively inexpensive.

If you live beachside, riverside or lakeside, flood insurance is an absolute must. If you’re unsure about the topography of the area around your home and whether it is susceptible to flooding, take a look at a flood map of your area.

We hope this article has helped you see the importance of having flood insurance in Florida. Be prepared for anything.

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