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High Risk Drivers

Are you having problems with getting insurance because you’re a “high-risk driver”?  high risk drivers can find it difficult to get insured. It can actually make it almost impossible to get it at a good rate. The reason is that insurance companies make their money from safe drivers. The longer someone pays insurance and doesn’t get in an accident, the more money they make. These are the drivers that insurance companies like to work with. If you are a high-risk driver, it means they might be spending more money on you. Though it is not always your fault for carrying this title, as we will explore below.


There are two possible ways to be considered a high-risk driver. One is to be a high-risk driver that has earned the title, and another is to be a new driver. Because a new driver hasn’t had much experience behind the wheel or paying insurance. Without experience, they can be considered a higher risk to invest in. It isn’t much you can do to get around this besides continue to drive safely and get experience. Luckily, since the high risk comes from inexperience it shouldn’t affect you as much. It may not even affect you at all when searching for your first insurance company.A

If you are a high-risk driver, however, you will be running into obstacles. What makes you a high-risk driver?

  • Getting Charged With A D.U.I.
  • Excessive Speeding Tickets
  • Illegal Street Racing
  • Reckless Driving
  • Causing Automobile Accidents
  • Causing Fatal Automobile Accidents
  • Repeat Offenses

While any of these will make you appear to be more of a risk, it is the repeat offenses that will make the title stick to you. Insurance companies do understand that mistakes happen. With many offering accident forgiveness if you don’t get in another accident for six months. If you do get in another accident it is going to make you look like a risk to insure. It will also cost the company more money than they are making from you. Accidents, as we stated in the list, are not the only ways to be considered a high-risk driver.

A quick way to get the title is to get a D.U.I. or a charge for reckless driving, especially if it results in injury or death. A D.U.I. will harm you in several ways. Its effects on getting and paying for auto insurance is one of many of those ways it hurts you. Because driving when your ability to drive is compromised doesn’t look good to companies.

Even without alcohol, if you get a ticket for excessive speeding you are can get labeled high risk. Excessive speeding means going way over the speed limit, not a few miles. Excessive amounts of tickets create a pattern for the insurance company to see. Mistakes happen, and it’s not unusual to get a speeding ticket. Getting several in a single year is far from common and is not a good look for you.

If you need help finding auto insurance for you, contact O’Quinn Insurance Agency. We can connect you with a plan that will fit your needs and guide you through the process.

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