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The Power Of Photos

Art itself is a powerful medium for many of us. Art is a way to put emotions, thoughts, ideas, stories, and legends into a physical format that other people can experience. Perhaps one of the most powerful forms of art lays in photography. Not only can photography capture moments, tell stories, and express emotions, it has several practical uses in everyday life. It can be the basis of advertising or even be a business itself. It also holds a lot of importance when it comes to insurance claims. It is a powerful tool that should not be forgotten or underestimated.


A photo can say a thousand words and a few of those words might be “This isn’t my fault”. When you get in an accident, one of the things you should do, if possible, is document everything. Take photos of every single aspect of the incident. Take a photo of the whole scene, a photo of each vehicle, of each dent and evidence of damage. Take photos of any injuries you have gotten from the accident. Even if it is just a tiny scratch, you need to document it. Others will likely take photographs as well, such as law enforcement, but having your own photos never hurts.

I can personally recall an accident I was involved in where a vehicle ran into the back of my own vehicle when I was cut off while going through a school zone. A claim was filed against me to pay for the other vehicle’s damages. Once photos were sent to the Insurance agent, the photos studied and compared to the testimonies, it was decided that I was not the one at fault for the accident. So it is not just good advice that we learned from a book, it is from our first-hand experience.

Photos are an important tool in other incidents as well. Take photos of your property such as furniture to show evidence you owned it in case of robbery or natural disaster. If you move into a rental, take a photo of any damages you might find. If the landlord tries to claim that you caused the damages yourself, you can show evidence the damage was present before you moved in. Even outside of insurance, you should take photos. If you are injured, having photos of you beforehand can make sure no one tries to claim the injury is unrelated to an incident.

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